Thursday, March 13, 2014

NYX Butter Lipstick !

Since the butter glosses were so successful, NYX decided to come out with lipsticks.  And must I say I love them only slightly less then the glosses, only because I like a gloss better then a lipstick!  They are nicely pigmented and come in 22 shades.  They are lightweight and have a nice satin finish.  They aren't too creamy and glide on the lips.  The lipsticks are $5.99 each and like I said yesterday Ulta does a lot of BOGO's so be on the look out.  

 fun size - taffy - lollies - fireball - razzle - hunk 

 fun size - taffy - lollies - fireball - razzle - hunk 

Which do you prefer better, the gloss or the lipstick ??

City Styles

PS - I recently reaches 10,000 page views and I just want to thank everyone who has read this blog !! I will be doing a giveaway soon !!  I am jus so grateful to each and everyone of you =) 

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