Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dior Rouge Brilliant Lipgloss {Miss 359}

Dior recently came out with a new line of lipglosses called Rouge Brilliant Shine ($35).  These glosses are a long wearing, couture lip balm gloss enriched with a blend of three lip care oils.  The applicator is a bit different then other glosses.  This one has a divot so the right amount of product dispenses from it.  The formula is very creamy and very moisturizing.  I picked up the shade Miss, which is kind of like a my lips but better.  It's a nice neutral pink.  I have been using this on my lips for a few days now and love it.  It wears off in two or so hours but, leaves the lips feeling hydrated.  Now that's my kind of gloss.  

Have you tried the Rouge Brilliant glosses yet ??  What's your favorite gloss at the moment ??

City Styles 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Dior Tie Dye Collection Summer 2015 {Pink Sunrise, Sunwashed, Sunkissed}

Dior has released their Summer 2015 Collection and it is absolutely to dye for.  See what I did there ha!  Now that I have gotten my corniness out of the way onto my review.  I limited myself to three pieces from the collection. I ended up getting the Tie Dye Edition Blush Harmony in Pink Sunrise ($57) and two polishes ($27/ea.) Sunwashed and Sunkissed.  

This blush is probably one of the most gorgeous blushes I have ever laid my eyes on.  At first I didn't even want to touch it.  But, eventually I did and it is so creamy and pigmented.  I use my Bobbi Brown Sheer Powder Brush and it picks up just the right amount of color.  All swirled together the blush is a nice rosy pink that looks really nice on my pale skin.  

Next up the polishes.  Now we all know how much I love Dior polishes.  I have handfuls of them.  I think they are some of the best around color wise and longevity.  This time around I picked up two new shades that I actually don't have in my collection.  First up is Sunkissed.  Sunkissed is a nice light peachy shade that reminds me very much of sorbet.  And then we have Sunwashed which is a pretty pale yellow that reminds me of Easter.  Both lasted 5 plus days on my nails with minimal chipping.  

Overall I think this Dior collection is on the prettiest to come out this Summer.  I am very pleased with my choices and I am considering picking up the other blush from the Tie Dye collection.  

Have you picked up any of these beauts ??  What do you think ??

City Styles

PS - Don't forget that today is the last day of the Sephora VIB Sale 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

My Friday Five #10

I know this is going up a little late I am sorry. So let's see what I have been loving this week.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Light - I have had an acne flare up recently and this foundation helps cover them up but at the same time isn't too heavy.

Hourglass Luminous Bronzer - I have been using this all week to warm up my complexion.  It is the perfect shade for me and leaves me with a nice glow.

Armani Eyes to Kill #9 - Gold shades always look great with my blue eyes.  This Eyes to Kill is a nice pale gold that I use all over my lid.

Bite Beauty BB for Lips in Flush - I haven't been using too much lipstick lately so for some color I have been turning to this.  It leaves my lips moisturized and with a bit of color.

Dior Nail Polish in Sunwashed - I am obsessed with this shade of pale yellow.  It has been on my nails all week.  It is perfect for the spring time.  More too come this week.  

What have you been loving ??

City Styles

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hourglass Ambient Bronzer {Luminous Bronze Light}

Hourglass has come out with another product in their Ambient line.  This time we have the Ambient Bronzers ($50).  There are only two shades available, Luminous Bronze Light and Radiant Bronze Light.  I opted for the Luminous one, which is a bit lighter then the Radiant one.  Now we all know how these powders work.  The luminous powder and bronzer are mixed and baked together and we get a gorgeous marbleized bronzer.  
To be honest I wasn't sure how I would like this bronzer.  I am matte bronzer girl.  Anything that looks like it might have a sheen or shimmer I place right back on the shelf.  However this bronzer looks very nice on my skin.  It really warms me up and does not leave a sheeny finish like I thought.  It is also the perfect shade for my extra pale skin.  Any darker it might have been too much.  I used my Bobbi Brown Sheer Powder brush and it picked up the right amount of product.  I can see myself reaching for this throughout the spring time.    

Comparison of the Ambient Blush, Bronzer, & Powder

The Beauty Look Book has both bronzers swatched so you can get a feel of which one would suit you better.  Also now is the time to scoop these up and anything else you might want from Sephora.  Their VIB sale is going on right now until April 2lst.  

Have you tried these bronzers ?? How do you feel about all the Ambient products ??

City Styles 

PS - Would you like to hear my recommendations for the Sephora VIB sale ?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bite Beauty Lip Lab Limited Releases {January, February, March, & April}

Back in January Bite Beauty started to release one limited edition lipstick a month.  They called them the Lip Lab Limited Release Creme Deluxe Lipstick ($36).  That is a mouth full.  So, the first Wednesday of every month a new shade is released.  As the name says these are limited so you better scoop them up fast.  I have set up an alarm so I remember. Ha!  Now the first month there was a bit of controversy.  I was not able to get my hands on the first one because I just totally forgot.  Then I read Temptalia's review saying how dry the formula was and  I didn't feel so bad.  Apparently a lot of people complained and Bite Beauty listened and re-released Januarys shade in a new formula.  I was able to get my hands on that one.  And may I say it is pretty creamy.  However March and April's shades are much creamier.  I digress.  Like any other Bite Beauty product these are all natural and smell great.  And these are very pigmented. 

Shade 001 - January - Deep Burgundy with red undertone
Shade 002 - February - Japanese Eggplant - a perfectly balanced pink/purple
Shade 003 - March - Chili Pepper - fire red/coral 
Shade 004 - April - Dragon Fruit - rich, luminous fuchsia

Overall I am really enjoying these shades.  I especially love March.  It is such a bright red and prefect for this time of year.  I will be collecting them all since I am such a makeup hoarder.  And I just love Bite Beauty so much.  But, I will say that the price tag is a bit steep since all their other lipsticks are less expensive and just as good quality.   

Have you tired these limited edition beauties ?? Will you be collecting them all ?? 

City Styles 

Monday, April 13, 2015

GLAMGLOW Thirsty Cleanse Daily Hydrating Cleanser

About a month or two ago GLAMGLOW came out with cleansers that work along with their masks.  I picked up the Thirsty Cleanse Daily Hydrating Cleanser ($39)and have been testing it for the past month.   The Thirsty Cleanse is a mud to foam cleanser that combines the power of both for a new cleansing experience.  It helps dehydrated skin by using a rare Brazilian yellow clay that helps wash away all the impurities on your face and pure green coconut water that helps replenish skins moisture.  
I use this maybe once or twice a week when my skin is feeling a bit dull and dehydrated and may I say I love it.  It is really cool how the mud turns to foam and you can feel that it really cleans your face.  And a huge plus, the smell!  We all know how I have a pet peeve about smells.  But this cleanser smells very sweet and tropical.  The packaging is also a huge plus.  I like how sturdy it is and how large the pump is.  

Overall I am very pleased with this cleanser.  My skin looks great after every use and it feels hydrated.  I would like to try the other GLAMGLOW cleansers.  

Have you used these new cleanser ??  What do you think ??

City Styles 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Kiko Mosaic Highlighter {Future Light}

About two weeks ago I was in the new Kiko store in the Queens Center Mall and I came across this beauty.  I picked up the Mosaic Highlighter in Future Light ($23).  It is a beautiful white gold/champagne highlight with a little mix of purple and pink.  I have grabbed for it every day since buying it.  It looks great on my pale skin but, I also think it will look great on darker skin tones too.  I know Kiko is a bit harder to come by in the States but, if you can get your hands on it I say go for it! 

Have you tried anything from Kiko ??  What is your favorite highlighter ??

City Styles 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tom Ford Spring 2015 Eye Color Duo {Ripe Plum}

For spring Tom Ford released three Eye Color Duos ($60).  Each has a light iridescent shade and a darker shade.  I picked up Ripe Plum since it seemed the most neutral duo.  The lighter side is a pinky champagne and the darker side borders on a plum brown.  These can be applied dry or wet.  I have only used them dry so I can't attest to how they work wet but, they are very creamy and blendable while dry.  I always prime my eyes and these last all work day on me.  I like to use the darker shade on the outer half of my eyelid and the lighter shade on the inner half.  It makes for a nice daytime smokey eye.   

Overall I am really pleased with how these apply and how long they last. The price tag is a bit steep but I still love it.  

Have you tried these eye color duos ?? What do you think ??

City Styles