Monday, January 13, 2014

On My Desk !

Target Gold Tray - Michael Kors Watches - Target Plate - Dior Lip Balm 

B&BW Candle - C. Wonder Earrings - B&BW Lotion - Oribe Sprays - Tom Ford Cheek Brush 

Everyday Skincare - Muji Drawers - Everyday Makeup 

Everday Skincare Items 

My Chanel Nail Polish Collection 

My Brushes - My Palettes - My Everyday Lipcare 

High End Lipsticks - Muji Drawer - My Lipgloss'

Z Gallerie Skull 

This is my everyday desk setup!  I am very big on keeping this area nice and organized.  This might be the only area in my room that I keep clean!!  Anywho, anyone who is into makeup should own Muji Acrylic Drawers.  They are the best.  I like to keep my go to, everyday makeup in one set and my lipgloss' in another.  I am thinking about changing up my furniture soon and getting the Alex drawers from Ikea.  I know a lot of beauty bloggers own them and love them.  I hoping to do that soon so I can then film a Makeup Collection for all of you.  My collection has definitely grown since the last one I made about a year ago!

What do you keep on your desk??  And do you have the Alex drawers??  If so what do you think of them ?? 

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  1. Looove that gold tray and dish! xx

    1. Thanks!! I was trying to find it online at Target for you guys but I cant seem to find it =?