Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Naked 3 {Review & Swatches}

Naked 3 palette

So ever since I heard that the Naked 3 was being released half of me wanted to buy it and the other half of me was saying no, you have so much already!  Good thing is Daria picked it up for me for Christmas!  I was so excited and so thankful.  I have to say it truly is a gorgeous palette.  The shades are all air on the side of rose gold.  So if you are into warm neutral shades I would totally suggest getting this palette.  I truly do not mind that there are only three matte shades.  I actually prefer a nice sheen to my eye looks.  My three favorites so far are Nooner in the crease, Trick all over the eyelid, and Factory in the outer v.  I will say that the darker shades do have some fall out.  So, I do suggest that you wait to put concealer on until after you are finished with your look.  All and all I am really loving this palette and the looks I have been putting together with them.  If you would like I can do a comparison of all three Naked palettes.  Please let me know!   

naked 3 palette

Lighter shades 

Darker shades 

Strange - Dust - Burnout - Limit - Buzz - Trick 

Nooner - Liar - Factory - Mugshot - Darkside - Blackheart 

Have you picked up the Naked 3 ??  And which Naked palette is your favorite ??

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  1. I'm so excited to try it! I love rose gold xx

    1. It is so gorgeous! I definitely recommend !