Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sigma Dupe !!

So I was recently browsing through eBay and came across these brushes.  They looked so much like the Sigma Sigmax brushes that I love so dearly.  So for about $20 I picked up these Sixplus brushes.  
When I got them in the mail I was so excited to try them!!  But, you must wash them first, they smell a bit funky.  But, once you wash them the funk goes away and you are left with the most amazing brushes!  I would say they are exactly like the Sigma ones for a fraction of the cost.  They feel and work the same way.  I am hands down so surprised by these.  I didn't really have any expectations with them and I was blown away.  They are apart of my everyday routine.  I use them for foundation, cream blush and bronzer, and for highlighting.  They are so multi purposeful.  I would totally say to go pick them up!  I mean for about $20 you will get 10 amazing brushes.

What are you favorite brushes??  And what is your favorite eBay find??

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