Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lorac Pro 2

The Lorac Pro 2 came out online about 2 weeks ago but, won't be in stores until 6/29.  I snatched it up as fast as I could!  I bought mine off of for $42 (same as the original Lorac Pro).  I adore my original Lorac Pro Palette so I knew that I had to try this one.  The Pro 2 has more deeper, gem shades then the original.  Just like the original, the top 8 shades are matte and the bottom 8 have a sheen to them.  And may I say that these colors are so creamy and gorgeous.  They are highly pigmented, blend out like a dream, and hardly have any fallout.  I have been working with this palette for a week or so now and I am in LOVE.  I am going away next week and this will be the only eyeshadow I bring with me.  For me that says a whole lot.  
The look I have been wearing lately is beige all over the lid, light brown in the crease and either cool gray or mocha in the outer v.  I use the primer that comes with the palette as my base and it helps the shadows last all day.  And I mean all day!  I usually do my makeup around 7:30am and I don't take it off until at least 10pm.  That is over 14 hours of wear and no creasing at all.  I would totally recommend this palette to everyone.  It has such a great  mix of neutrals and brights!  

What do you think of the new Lorac Pro 2 ??? Will you be adding it to your shopping cart ??


  1. I haven't tried either one, but I'm definitely interested in this one more! May have to pick this up in the near future ;)

    1. I actually love both lorac palettes more then my naked palettes! They are so much richer and so buttery smooth ! you should totally check them out =)