Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Blush Picks !

Last week I shared my favorite spring blushes on Instagram and I though hey that is a great idea for a post!  There are four blushes I reach for the most during this time of year.  First is Nars Final Cut.  This is the newest to my collection but, I love how it has a slight orange coral tint to it rather then a pink coral tint.  This looks great on fair skin.  Next up is Breathless from Buxom.  Hands down this is my absolute favorite.  It is the perfect shade of coral and it gives you a beautiful flush.  Dior Rosy Glow is a gorgeous light pink that adjusts to your skin tone.  This would be flattering on all skin tones.  And lastly is Burberry's Hydrangea Pink.  This packs a punch.  It is the most pigmented blush out of the four and I love to wear this to special events.  It gives my cheeks great color and looks great in pictures.  

What are your favorite spring blushes ??

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