Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall Blush Picks {2014}

Fall is in full swing here in New York.  It has gotten pretty chill here and the leaves are turning beautiful shades of red and orange.  So I thought hey why not share your favorite fall blushes.   These blushes are deeper and more appropriate for the fall and winter time.  

Chanel Innocence - This came out with the Fall 2014 collection.  It's a beautiful rosy pink shade. 
Burberry Blossom - This is also a rosy pink but has a hint of peach in it.
Bobbi Brown Nectar - This is a true deep pink and looks great on light skin tones.  
Nars Sin - This is the ultimate fall blush shade.  Sin has a hint of shimmer in it and is a beautiful purple, plum shade.  
Nars Seduction - Seduction is more on the maroon side but has a but of purple in it.  This shade can be pretty intense so use a light hand.  

What are your favorite fall/winter blushes??  Do you change what kind of makeup you wear depending on the season??

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