Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Hair Journey

I don't know about you but I have changed my hair color and length a whole lot since I was 16.  I have had the longest hair to the shortest hair and the darkest brown to light blonde.  When I get bored I change my hair.  It is much cheaper and easier then getting a tattoo! 


2007 - Age 16

2008 - Age 17 

2009 - Age 18 

2010 - Age 19 

2011 - Age 20 

2012 - Age 21 

2013 - Age 22

I have to say I love cutting my long hair short.  When I say short I mean shoulder length.  I hated that 2010 hair cut.  It took me years to grow out!  3 to be exact!  I just cut it last week for the first time in over a year!  It feels so good and refreshing to get a hair cut.  What about you?  What has been your favorite hair length?


My actual hair color!

At my darkest 

Again at my darkest 

A little lighter ( just before I went blonde) 


Red again! (wonderful picture Gina)

Light Brown 

Blonde (color I am today) 

I would say I love to color my hair and try different shades!  Now I would never color my hair a color of the rainbow but I would say that I am adventurous.  What about you?  What is the craziest color you have ever dyed your hair?  
Also I have always dyed my hair at home.  I am totally not into paying crazy salon prices.  I just use the Garnier or Natural Instincts from the drugstore.  But, when I went blonde Daria's sister did it for me.  She is training to be a colorist so I said "dye my hair please!"

I have to say for the number of times I have dyed my hair, it is actually very healthy.  That is because I take care of it.  That is the key!  I use a mask once a week and I use sulfur free shampoo (another post to come). 

Let me know what your favorite length & color is on me !

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